Solvay Debate Society


The Solvay Debate Society offers a unique opportunity to develop public speaking skills, learn to build an argumentation and meet students from all over the world. We organise weekly sessions where all participants are welcomed to try out, because we believe the best way to improve your speaker skills is practice. We are open to all students from every year and from all faculties. We give interactive workshops so people can learn in a casual and fun way.


The Solvay Debate Society was founded in 2013 by two students from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. It was the first British Parliament styled debate club in Belgium. The majority of the 2016-2017 board began debating in 2014, which gives us experience second to none in the country.


We participate in international tournaments all around the world financed by the club. Those tournaments are an incredible opportunity to learn form the best debaters in the world and to do some very interesting networking. You will also improve your English and French speaking skills and broaden your specific vocabulary.

The Purpose

Our goal is to help you improve your argumentation and be more confident when you have to speak in public. We offer you tips and feedbacks to teach you how to make great presentations and the teambuilding events. This will teach you to manage your stress when speaking in front of an audience and to be more self-confident.

Our values

Freedom of speech & Critical thinking
Respect of ideas and individuals
Diversity & Open mind


Our Team


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