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The Solvay Student Marketing Club was launched in September 2015 by students. Since Solvay Brussels School of Economics and management has not a master in marketing, the aim of the club was to raise the awareness of students on new marketing trends, concepts and opportunities. Furthermore,  the purpose of the club is to represent a complement of the marketing courses of the faculty. Therefore, Student Marketing Club organizes several interactive activities in order to give the opportunity to students to practice the marketing concepts. Through this document, we will explain the management and  vision of the club


The idea of a Student Marketing Club came up during the marketing analytics course in the academic year 2014-15. The aim of the course was to use marketing metrics in order to develop a marketing strategy for firms, start-ups and not for profit organizations. This course gave the opportunity to students to develop their skills on behalf of professionals. The experience put forward the fact that  there is a real opportunity for students to improve their experience in the marketing field.

Vision & Mission

Solvay Students have advantages on students from others schools where the focus is on management or marketing. Our academic program gives us permission to be able to fit in any field at the end of our study. However, this could also represents a weakness since we do not have any specialization. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves : how we could use our strengths in order to stay competitive? Students from marking schools often have qualifications based on qualitative knowledge and those from the management on quantitative knowledge. Hence, we can overcome what it seems to be a weakness. Since our bachelor, we are used to with the quantitative courses (Statistic, Econometric, Finance …). Nowadays, the Marketing field needs people who can come up with numbers out of the marketing concepts. Thus, there is a real opportunity for Solvay students in the marketing field.

Our mission is to combine the academic and extra- academic journey and constitute an asset for the student’s future. Thus, the club would represent an opportunity for students to acquire practical knowledge about the marketing field.

Our vision is to constitute an alternative for each student of the faculty in order to contribute to their self-fulfillment  when they get access to the job market.

The purpose

Marketing is becoming more and more critical in the success of a company. Indeed, as some professionals state that the responsibilities of CMO’s within companies have spread from simple advertising, brand management and market research to include company-wide change in response to evolving buying patterns, stepping up efforts to shape a company’s public profile, managing complexity, and building new marketing capabilities throughout the company as a whole.

The main purpose of the Solvay Marketing Club is to raise the awareness of students on the concept of marketing in general by introducing them to a broader and more recent perspective of the field than what is generally believed.

In order to give them the opportunity to build up knowledge and experience, the Solvay Marketing Club organizes projects in collaboration with companies and ULB services. The objective is for the students to have the possibility to work on concrete cases and issues that companies or business units are facing. Therefore, they will have to work in groups in order to suggest solutions, which will also help them develop their group work skills.

During each semester, workshops will be organized jointly with experts of the field. These will be about a specific sector, subject or marketing strategy of interest. Students will thus have the opportunity to learn about current marketing practices which are not usually taught in class; for example, how companies use statistical software’s to treat big data and analyze social networks. Another example would be how companies react after the launch of their products or services to stay relevant on the market.

Value & Culture

The club will focus on the development of its members in order to create value for themselves but also for the club by delivering  high quality service to students. The management process of the club will be based on a linear structure even though some responsibilities will be allocated.

Promise for active members

The aim of the club is also to represent an opportunity for active members to improve their management skills. Therefore, the club will focus on the maximization of the management, communication and marketing skills of members through their implication in the planning of the club’s activities.

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